Castle Siege

Make your name and your friends names a legend throughout the continent of MU.

Castle Siege Owner

Guild Logo Score Master

Registered Guilds

Guild Logo Score Master Signs of Lord
CSlatino 10 Chacas 255
WARLORDS 10 BestStamp 255
eGLobal 1 Admin 0

Classifieds Guilds

# Guild Logo Score Master Ally Number
1 WARLORDS 1,424 BestStamp 2
2 CSlatino 1,398 Chacas 3
3 eGLobal 101 Admin 4

Castle Siege Schedule

Day Hour Description
Monday 00:00:00 Guild Registration Period
Wednesday 23:59:00 Guild Registration End
Wednesday 00:00:00 Registration Period for Sign of Lord
Saturday 00:00:00 Registration for Sign of Lord End
Saturday 12:00:00 Announcement of Attackers and Defenders
Saturday 19:00:00 Battle Zone Castle Preparation
Sunday 12:30:00 Siege Warfare Start
Sunday 13:30:00 Siege Warfare End