Server Info

All the features included in our Game Experience are shown bellow.

Features Included
Feature Description
Version Season 13 episode 1-3
Experience 35x
Experience gap level 1 to 400
Master Exp 15x
Master Experience gap level 400 to 800
Mastery Exp 10x
Master Experience gap level 800 to 1000
Drop 30%
Bless Bug No
Antihack System Yes
MU Helper Yes
MU Helper Required Level 1
Off Attack Yes
Off Trade Yes
Reconnect Yes
V.I.P Subscriptions Yes
V.I.P Benefits Gold Chanel
V.I.P Benefits 20% Exp
V.I.P Benefits 20% Master exp
Webshop No
Cash Shop In-Game Yes
Multi Client Allowed
Grow Lancer Creation level 150
Dark Lord Creation level 250
Magic Gladiator Creation level 220
Rage Fighter Creation level 150
In-Game Commands
Command Syntax Description
/post "message" Allow you to chat in global with all players
/addstr "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in strength
/addagi "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in agility
/addvit "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in vitality
/addene "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in energy
/addcmd "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in command
/prop "player" Allows to propose a marry to other player
/accept Allows to accept marry proposal
/divorce Allows to take divorce
/offtrade Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/offlevel Activates off-levelling system
/setparty "password" Allows to set password for AutoParty system, (password 4-10 characters)
/lock "password" Allows to set a secondary password to your Account to protect it, (only digits are allowed)
/unlock "password" Allows to unlock your Account if it is currently in a lock status